A Lesson in Dominance by Charlie Daye

Willow Tempest is an alpha female. She’s stubborn, territorial and refuses to bow to anyone including her brother’s, the alpha’s, mate. When an altercation happens that causes Willow to refuse a direct order given to her by her brother’s mate, her brother Braun has no choice but to punish her in front of the pack but before that can take place Willow runs. Slade Sterling is pack alpha for the Snow Valley pack. When Willow stumbles upon his territory his wolf is immediately taken with her. She’s dominant, beautiful and obviously needs a lesson in dominance, which both he and his wolf, are more than happy to give. When a mating ceremony is arranged between Slade and Willow by Willow’s brother Braun, Willow is furious and fights it at every turn, but when a wolf struts into to town from Slade’s past threatening everything and everyone Willow has begun to hold dear, will Willow be strong enough to claim her right as alpha or will she lose everything, including the wolf she’s just begun to love?