A Lion’s Pride by Susan Bliler

Maia Major is a woman on a mission. When her neighbors at Cougar Canyon Ranch need help, Maia is determined to do what she can. It doesn’t matter to her that the Concolor Apex, Carter, has a notorious hatred of humans. It doesn’t matter to Maia that she’s the only human in the Major Bear Clan. She also doesn’t care about the bitter rivalry brewing between her brother, the Alpha of the Major Bear Clan, and Carter. Maia’s only concern is healing Carter’s sick animals. Carter is at a loss. Frustration and helplessness mount when the local town veterinarian is unable to help Carter’s ailing team of prized sled dogs. So when Maia Major, sister to his enemy, and skilled veterinarian, shows up on Carter’s property, he’s forced to play nice. He doesn’t like humans, and judging by her scent, Maia is one hundred percent human. Still, she’s educated and willing to lend a hand. He’ll be polite if he can, he’ll be gracious if he must, and he’ll tolerate Maia’s presence even if it kills him. Carter is wary of Maia’s true intentions but can’t ignore the fierce protective instincts the little human kicks up the moment she arrives. Determined to accept her help and then be rid of her, he steels himself against Maia’s inadvertent charm. Bonds form, ties are cemented, and when Ramsey Major comes calling his sister home, Carter will have to decide if he still hates humans enough to let Maia go.