A Promise of Fireflies

A Promise of Fireflies by Susan Haught

Questions never asked don't always remain unanswered. A blood-stained journal. A mysterious stranger. A family secret that will challenge everything Ryleigh Collins believes. When a snowstorm strands her with a pensive resort owner, will he help her face her past and mend her heart, or will his own shattered past crush any chance at happiness? As Ryleigh sifts through her deceased mother's belongings, she discovers a blood-stained journal and an odd letter hidden among her things. She can't suppress the strange pull the old journal has on her, but when a reclusive old man reveals the journal's secrets, what she learns will uncover forty-three years of lies, upend her world, and set in motion a future she never envisioned. Bearing a deeply scarred heart, Ryleigh returns home to her ex-husband's plea to take him back. Overwhelmed, she escapes to a Rocky Mountain resort to sort through her messy life. When a paralyzing snowstorm develops, she's forced into seclusion with Logan Cavanaugh, the distinctly reserved resort owner. As the snow deepens, so do her feelings for Logan, but Logan's own demons are buried as deeply as the mounting snow. Two lost souls find comfort in each other, but can they reopen the wounds and bury the memories, or will their broken pasts be too powerful to escape?