A Soldier’s Baby Surprise by Violet Paige

Double the heroes. Double the heat. Double the soldiers. Double the daddies. Don't miss this hot alpha soldier duet. Ranger’s Surprise Baby Soldier. Protector. Loner. The mission: Don’t fall for Olivia She’s my best friend’s little sister. Since his death during a secret operation, she’s my responsibility. I made a promise to him in combat, I’d take care of her. But when I see her for the first time, she’s so much more than I expected. Those curvy hips. Those pouty lips. He told me to take care of her, and I know ways to do that. I’ll fix her house and protect her. But what I don’t expect? Is for her to repair my broken heart. Delta’s Baby Surprise The mission: Get Gretchen Pregnant I’m on leave for a few weeks. Just enough time for this soldier to take a break. I arrive when my family is in a land war. The only way to end it, is get married with an heir on the way. This homecoming sucks. The last thing I expect is for a gorgeous curvy doc to show up at my door. She says she wants to help veterans any way she can. I have an idea, one that will solve all our problems. She can have my baby. Gretchen says she can’t get pregnant—it would take a miracle. Well, I have a miracle c*ck that will do the trick. Time is running out for us both. She’s ready to give me everything I want and more. But I’ve always been a loner and giving Gretchen my heart, might be the hardest battle I’ve ever fought.