A Venture of the Heart

A Venture of the Heart by Amelia Judd

"Hello, Pax. It's good to see you again." And with those frigid words, karma kicked him in the gut and blew his dreams into a million tiny pieces. Tasked with evaluating an adrenaline-pumping adventure resort, sensible banker Sage Somerset travels to Costa Rica, determined to remain cool around Paxton Bennett, a man from her past who's even more pulse-pounding and potentially dangerous than the activities offered by his resort. Pax Bennett needs a loan to save the socially responsible resort he's devoted his life to. Now his last hope is an on-site visit from a loan officer he's sure he can impress ... until karma intervenes and places his beach-side resort's future in the hands of Sage, the quick-witted, beautiful girl he unceremoniously rejected six years earlier. Spending time together soon leaves Sage and Pax questioning the paths they've chosen in life. But are they daring enough to risk everything they've worked so hard to achieve on a venture of the heart?