An Unraveled Witch

An Unraveled Witch by Liza Mitchell

"You can tell me stop," he whispered. Her shoulders ached, a dull pain crept down her spine, but she didn't make a sound... yet. Eileen is unsettled by the stranger across the bar. His size is intimidating… and exciting. Bored with her small town life, he might be the escape she is looking for. Cain would love to drag her away from reality; he's captivated by her dark eyes and teasing curves. Dominance comes naturally to him, but first, he must convince this headstrong witch to submit. When a string of brutal attacks rock their sleepy town, Eileen thinks Cain might be to blame. Their chemistry is undeniable, but she isn't sure if she should trust her gut or her... heart. When the assaults hit too close to home, she must decide if she can trust Cain with her safety… and her obedience. You will love this quick, steamy read with a fierce alpha, an outspoken heroine, a little pain, and a lot of lip.