Back to You by Jessica Scott

He left her for the war… Ever since the day Army captain Trent Davila lost his life, he’s been fighting the demons that haunt him from that terrible day. Time and again, he’s left his wife and their two children behind as he’s volunteered to put himself in harm’s way until his wife had enough. She’s lost her faith in him... Laura Davila commits the ultimate sin for an Army wife - sending her husband divorce papers while he’s deployed. She can’t take the pain of knowing he’s betrayed her by volunteering for multiple deployments instead of spending much needed time with her and their two small children. He needs her now more than ever… Sent home facing a court martial on trumped up charges, Trent needs her to stand by him one last time. Being close to him reignites the spark in their troubled marriage that had almost been extinguished. As the fight for his career and reputation threatens to destroy them both, their marriage will be tested like never before.