Bad Boy’s Baby by Alexis Winter

His baby isn’t the only secret I’m carrying. Turns out, my new boyfriend just happens to be the son of a lifelong criminal. And I’m the reason his brother is rotting in a federal prison. Yeah, not exactly the start to a happily ever after. I’m a driven detective with my eye on the prize, I don’t know how the hell I let this happen! One look from him and I couldn’t breathe, Paralyzed by desire. I never imagined the hard, sculpted muscles and swirls of ink, That were under his crisp, unassuming white shirts. The way his touch made my body tremble, The way my name tumbled from his lips, The ripple of pure bliss that tore through my body... Okay, I might know exactly how I let this happen. He’s made a new life for himself, Out of a broken and dark past. All I had to do was tell him the truth, But I didn’t. I hid it. And now I’m pregnant, Alone. With a target on my back the size of the Grand Canyon, From one of Chicago’s largest crime families.