Ben by C.M. Marin

COLLEEN A biker. A gorgeous, sexy, charming biker. In other words, the kind of guy I swore a long time ago that I wouldn’t even glance at again. No, scratch that. Ben is worse than the kind of guy I swore I wouldn’t even glance at again. He’s everything I don’t want to want. A carefree bad boy with an irritating grin, who thinks he has me all figured out. And… he’s right. Damn sexy biker. The worst part? I’m too weak to resist him for long. The only thing that keeps me from completely falling in love with the guy is the several thousands of miles that separate us. But that was before his enemies try to get to me. Now, all I want is to go to him, and let him hold me. That’s when I realize that I’ve already fallen in love with him. Damn charming biker. BEN I wanted a taste of those lips the first time they got sassy on me. Sexy as hell. And I got that taste soon after. I’m kind of gifted like that. Well, except when it comes to making Colleen mine, apparently. I’m hitting a damn wall here. Stubborn girl. I’ve given her time, patiently waiting for her to quit holding back and acknowledge her feelings for what they are. But when the club’s enemies set their eyes on her and I almost lose her, I’m done waiting. She’s mine. It’s time she opens her eyes and accepts it.