Billion Dollar Daddies: Jennie

Billion Dollar Daddies: Jennie by Breanna Hayse

What can one Little girl and her four handsome Daddy-Doms do to keep warm during cold, Alaskan nights in Denali National Park? Jennifer Hudson lives in a world that has no place for her other than being the 'reward' given to her owners' clients. She's beautiful, smart, and sexy, but years of pain and fear have left her emotions and desires caged and without a key. She knows that she won't survive much longer in her present circumstance and needs to decide- Does she run and risk her life, or remain where she is and never have one? With the aid of Dorian Graye and the Guardian program, Jennie is placed in emergency care of the four-unit team of Daddy Doms who vow to do whatever is needed to keep her safe, happy and whole- even if it means applying some uncomfortable disciplinary measures. One by one, the brothers-in-arms break down Jennie's hard exterior and draw out the little girl hiding behind the walls of her heart. She soon discovers that the price of vulnerability is high, and the cost dear. But is love worth the risk? Author's Note: This Reverse Harem introduces the town of Northern Lights- an age-play community where 'it takes a village' (or, at least three daddies) to raise a happy Little submissive. WANT MORE?? Breanna Hayse LIVES IT-LOVES IT-WRITES IT! From the author who started the Age-Play Phenomenon with The Game Plan Series (originally released 2012)- we bring you a unique Intertwining Series where everyone in every series knows someone in another! Billion Dollar Daddies©: Lonnie 1 & 2 Northern Lights: Lena Whip Master© Series The Game Plan© Series Saddlesore Ranch©: Calliope's Little Conquest Little Lake Bridgeport© Series Little Hearts© Series And the most beloved- The Generals' Daughter© Series