Billionaire’s Killer

Billionaire’s Killer by Brooke Shelby

Ten years of training have brought Delilah Blake to the brink of assassinating Carson Royal. Ten years of longing to murder the man who killed her sister. Ten years of blocking out distractions like dating and romance. Ten years that end tonight… Since billionaire Carson Royal’s self-driving car stole her sister’s life, Delilah Blake has built her future around the moment when she’ll get her revenge. And if that’s meant pushing aside blinders like love, so be it. A decade’s worth of elite training as an assassin has prepared her to infiltrate Carson’s world and take him down—and tonight is finally the night. After a decade of image repair and personal soul seeking, Carson Royal isn’t the same reckless rich boy he once was. Carson’s spent ten years trying to rebuild his life after alcoholism plagued his youth. Blocking out any kind of commitment is part of the plan, even as his wealthy father obsesses over his marriage plans. The Mardi Gras charity ball his hotel is throwing tonight is about more than being seen in New Orleans’ society pages. This is his shot at redemption. While she’s prepared for the act of stealing his last breath, Delilah finds her body and heart awakening in his presence, especially when a brutal gang leader and his cronies take the guests hostage. And something about the sexy—and lethal—vixen seeking cover with him brings out a dormant craving Carson’s spent years trying to tame. As the two collide, their hot chemistry, magnetic attraction, and fierce wits could be an unstoppable force against the evil plot. If they team up, Delilah and Carson just might have a chance of saving the innocent guests… or is ten years of planning opposite lives too much to unravel in one night?