BLOOD OATH by Charlotte Raine

Liam Westfield, vampire and leader of the biker gang, the Blood Lust Brothers, is hanging on by a thread after finding out the identity of E, and that E has kidnapped his pregnant love interest, Elise. When he learns who killed his father, the Lieutenant's connection to E, and August's role in the murder of a Brother, his world continues to unravel to a point where the lines of morality blur and the right choice becomes a matter of opinion. Now, with his ideas of family loyalty challenged by their confessions and the structure of his life crumbling, he will have to find a way to survive without sacrificing everything he once thought of as sacred. Books In This Paranormal Vampire Series Book 1 - Blood Family Book 2 - Blood Run Book 3 - Blood Honor Book 4 - Blood Bound Book 5 - Blood Oath Book 6 - Blood Rite