Boomer by K.L. Savage

I left my life behind me. My sister. My MC. I need room to breathe and room to think, to make my own choices and to own my mistakes. Bitterness and anger cloud my judgment when it comes to the MC. What is so great about them that I can't have on the outside? What is so great about the patch? Death? Blood? Fear? That is all I've experienced with the club. I hated to leave my sister. She's the only reason I stayed as long as I did. But it's time for something new. And yet, I find myself searching for trouble, wanting—needing to be someone's savior.I have the best poker face, but when I lay down my winning hand and they shove a girl at me, bound and scared, for my prize, I knowI've landed in the middle of something bigger than me.The girl? Scarlett Rose. My reason for being. My clarity. I just have to prove it to her. She needs protection, and I'll die before they hurt her again.