Boss I Love to Hate by London James

To the Boss I Love to Hate, 1) I hate that you make me come at your every beck and call. 2) I hate your gorgeous cocky smile, and how you don’t know me at all. 3) I hate the way you stare at me as if I was your most precious thing. 4) I hate your expensive Italian suits. 5) I hate our one-night fling. 6) I hate that you’re always wrong, but your ego is too big to see it. 7) I hate how awkward you acted, when I told you I was pregnant. 8) I hate how you crept into my heart, and how deeply you cared for me. 9) Lastly, even though you represent everything I hate… I hate that I fell for you just like every other girl you know. Sawyer West… I love you, and I hate that I love you. If only I could be certain you’re no longer the boy from college I once knew. With our baby girl on the way, could we truly make us work? If only we weren’t so different, then maybe things could be so different… P.S. - I still hate working for you. Berlin Roth