Boss Of My Panties by Tessa Wood

Piper: He's the boss of my panties. Literally. As in he's the fiercely protective big brother and utterly supportive CEO of his sister's clothing company--the one I design lingerie for. Yep, he's as dreamy as he sounds. So dreamy, in fact, that I can't seem to string two coherent sentences together around the man. Until, that is, the day I open my mouth at one of our design staff meetings for the first time ever. And now here I am, working directly with Cole, the one man I can't stop thinking about while designing lacy bits for women whose sex lives are undoubtedly more interesting than my nonexistent one... Cole: She designs some of the sexiest lingerie I've ever laid eyes on. The quietly classy kind. The kind I can imagine her wearing. Even though I shouldn't. She's my little sister's employee, for chrissakes; I can't touch her. So instead, I just show up at these design staff meetings every month. My sister thinks I'm just keeping an eye on the company's bottom line. I'm not. I've only got eyes for one bottom these days--Piper's. And now that I've discovered the shyest lingerie designer on the planet is capable of exchanging more than a few words with me each month, it'll be a miracle if I can stop thinking about her at all...