Breaking the Bad Boy by Emma Nichols

Willow I knew all about Wyatt Evans from watching the revolving door of females exiting his dorm room every weekend. He was a bad boy. And I'd kept my distance. I was too good. Too boring. Too inexperienced to ever consider dating him. Now, it was the last semester of senior year. I was interning at a local magazine. There was one position open post graduation. The competition was fierce and I wanted it. Even if it was for a sex columnist and my experience was severely limited. How limited? I was practically a virgin. So what did I have going for me? Well, I was a really great writer. And I was willing to do whatever it took to get hired. Imagine my surprise when I woke up in Wyatt's bed. Imagine my dismay when I realized we hadn't slept together. Imagine my shock when he offered to help me win the job. How? One week together. One 50 Item Sex Bucket List. A whole lot of fun. Somehow, I was going to break the bad boy. Please note: this book is rated MA for Adult Situations and the occasional curse word.