Built to Last by Chelle Pimblott

KAMI: I've spent the last few years getting my book shop up and running. When I need some renovations, I ask around and it's overwhelming how many people suggest Harvey Carpentry. So, when I notice the truck with the Harvey logo, I go over to ask about a quote and James freaking Harvey turns to me. He takes my breath away just like in high school. I should have connected the Harvey name to him but I didn't. JAMES: I'm working hard to distance myself from my father's reputation but it isn't easy. Even as men employ me to work in their homes, they're warning me to keep my hands on the job, not their wives. Then Kami Parker walks up to my truck asking for a quote and I can't believe my luck. Now that we're adults I'm hoping she can see I'm a guy worth spending time with. Maybe even a lifetime?