Bulleit by Simone Scarlet

MARIA The night I'd spent with that towering, tattooed bad-boy was meant to be a one-time-thing - just a few hours of wild abandon to temporarily fill the gaping hole left in my heart. But fate, apparently, has a cruel sense of humor. Because not only do I have to see Jake Bulleit again - I have to work with him! My one-night-stand has been assigned as my security detail, during a dangerous diplomatic visit to Washington D.C. Being up close and personal with this huge, handsome hunk is like torture. I can't look at him without thinking how he'd bent me effortlessly beneath him, and driven me to incredible heights of knee-trembling ecstasy. It's making me feel things - need things - that I've tried desperately to close my heart to. That being said - I might not live long enough to regret this twist of fate. Murderous gunmen are out to eliminate the foreign dignitary Jake and I are escorting - and now we're caught in the crossfire. We're on the run, fighting for our lives, and trapped in the spiderweb of a shadowy government conspiracy. Jake Bulleit has become the only man I can trust with my life... ...but the question is: Can I trust him with my heart, as well? BULLEIT I spent one breathless night with Maria Schneider, and then she kicked me out of her apartment. Ever since then, I've been desperately hoping to see that incredible girl just one last time... Well, be careful what you wish for - because now I'm going to be seeing a whole lot more of her. My first assignment as a Secret Service agent is to protect Maria and the family of the foreign dignitary she's escorting to Washington D.C. Unfortunately for me, powerful people want them dead; and I'm the only one standing in the way of that. I'm hopelessly outgunned, outclassed, and out of my element. Yet help might be coming from the unlikeliest of places - six strangers on snarling Harley Davidson motorcycles. They've got my back when nobody else does - but what brings the Knuckleheads Motorcycle Club to Washington in the first place? And what do they know about this shadowy conspiracy? But the real question is: Do I trust them enough to protect the girl I'm falling in love with?