Chasing Dreams by Nancy Stopper

Some dreams never die. Izzy Harper dreamed of dancing in the bright-lights of New York City ever since she was a little girl. She reached that dream—for a time—until a career-ending injury stole her dream. Now she’s forced to come back home, her business unfinished. Then single dad Tanner walked into her life. Tanner Ross leads a simple life—go to work, raise his daughter, never fall in love again. Tanner refuses to risk his heart, and his daughter’s, on anything less than forever. And he doesn’t believe in forever anymore. Then he met Izzy. A few stolen moments turn serious quickly, and both of them are shocked by the depth of their connection. They’ve each been hurt before but Tanner is convinced Izzy has a place in his life… and his daughter’s life. When Izzy is offered a second chance at the spotlight, their bond is tested. Can their love survive the pull of her dreams?