Ryleigh Collins isn’t fond of surprises, and when Logan Cavanaugh’s resort business takes them overseas to the heart of Tuscany for Christmas, she leaves forty-three years of tradition behind to spend their first holiday together on the other side of the world. Her only wish is to celebrate Christmas with the man she adores renovating the vineyard’s two-hundred-year-old villa, host an Italian Christmas Eve party for the Casa sul Vigneto Resort employees, and wait for her son to arrive from Tokyo. But an ill-timed phone call unravels what’s left of her Christmas spirit, and when a little boy appears with a startling Christmas wish, Ryleigh discovers their ancient villa is home to more than crumbling walls and bursting pipes, and her holiday plans take a haunting turn. Logan is determined to find out who the little boy is, but when he fails to return from the village, it sets in motion a string of events that threaten to shatter their holiday. Ryleigh must let go of the past and hold on to hope—for Logan’s sake and the boy she calls Little Boy Blue—keys to a future she dares not wish for. There’s magic in the water and love in the air, but sometimes it’s not Santa but the spirit of Christmas who makes wishes come true. Buon Natale! Won’t you join Ryleigh and Logan in Italy for a Christmas sure to lift your spirits?