Claiming Lady Brinton by Tess St. John

Two years since the scandal of her marriage, being abandoned by her husband on their wedding day, and shortly thereafter receiving news of his death, the miracle Lady Millicent Brinton prayed for has finally happened. She’s become invisible to London society and is set to begin life anew with another man. The day he married Millicent, Lord Tristan Brinton’s carriage overturned and knocked him unconscious. When he woke, he found himself on a hellish convict ship being treated like a prisoner. He finally escapes that nightmare and returns to London in hopes to learn who put him on that ship and seek justice. But first he must come back from the grave to a wife he knows would rather he remain dead. Can Tristan persuade Millicent he is a different man? Will he get the chance before his abductors silence him forever?