The stern lawman has captured her heart, but what will happen if he learns the secrets from her dark past? All Tassie wanted was a fresh start and a chance to earn an honest dollar with her own sweat and toil. When Cal Watson, the town’s ruggedly handsome sheriff, whose kisses leave her breathless and weak in the knees, fell in love with her and proposed, Tassie threw caution—and thoughts of her old life—to the wind and leapt into her future wholeheartedly. Surely her past would never catch up with her in an out of the way place like Juniper Junction. After years of fighting outlaws across the west, Cal is eager to settle down in the sleepy, low crime village of Juniper Junction. And when he falls in love with Tassie, he looks forward to a peaceful future as a married man. However, a string of thefts, strange events and some unusual behavior from his new wife make Cal wonder if there’s more to his sweet little bride than meets the eye. Love, romance, secrets and discipline in the old west. Welcome to Juniper Junction, USA Today Bestselling Author Celeste Jones’ series of sexy, feel good romances with a bit of naughtiness for good measure. Stern cowboys, mischievous brides. Someone’s in for a rough ride.