Daddy’s Baby by B. B. Hamel

I did something crazy. I let him tie me up. Now I’m pregnant, but we’re complete strangers He says I only need to know one thing about him: Daddy’s here to claim his baby. Teagan: One night stands are supposed to be fun, right? Except things get complicated when I realize I’m pregnant. His fist in my hair pushed me to my limits. But I don’t need him. I don’t even know him. So I raise my son on my own. That works for two long years. Until he suddenly comes back into my life. Declan Jones. Handsome, rich, cocky. Dangerous. Father of my child. But he doesn’t know the truth yet. I’m afraid to tell him. He wants me again, and he’s not backing down. I know I should resist… but I need to feel his hands on my hips. Down on my knees. Wrists tied behind my back. I’m going to say his real name: I’m yours, Daddy. Declan: I have a monster inside of me. It wants to tie her up. It wants to get rough. Normally, they get one night, and they’re gone in the morning. But she was different. She was the one that wouldn’t see me again. I lost her back then. Now though, there’s nowhere to hide. But she has a surprise for me. And it makes me want to be a better man. I don’t know how to be a father But if Teagan submits, I can be her Daddy.