Deep in the Heart by Alexa Padgett

​A passionate, emotional romance from USA Today Best-selling Author, Alexa Padgett. Remembering the music I love… lets me forget a past that haunts me. I thought realizing my dream of country music stardom would chase away the ghosts of the past. But I didn't understand how the horrors of war would imprint their scars on my heart… leaving me a shadow of the man I used to be. Haunted by regret, filled with a rage I can't control, I destroy my favorite guitar. A J. Olsen original. The only instrument that allows my fingers to caress my music into creation. Now, I need a new one, and in order to get it fast, I have to work with her--Jenna. She stirs something deep inside me. Something I haven't felt in years. When I stare into her breathtaking eyes for the first time, I see struggles that echo my own. The kind of torment that colors a woman's soul. But I'm drawn to her--I just can't stay away...