Diamond Deep

Diamond Deep by Ellen Tanner Marsh

The tempestuous tale of the St. Germain women and the men who capture their hearts continues in stunning fashion…When a collision between two ships hurls Sable St. Germain into the sea, fate has a clear hand in choosing the man who saves her. Battle-scarred sea captain Morgan Rhys Carey refuses to return his lovely passenger to her family while on a reckless mission to save the life of a friend. But he soon finds himself risking everything to keep Sable by his side and in his bed.Though Sable is determined to flee the man who abducted her, she can’t help responding to the passion he awakens within her. And although Morgan believes his destiny lies elsewhere, his obsession with this bewitching beauty holds him captive as well. In this last book of the "Forbidden Gems Trilogy," two unforgettable characters discover a love more precious than any jewel.