Dragon’s Rebel by Anastasia Wilde

An alpha dragon on a mission. A commitment-phobic thief who always has an exit strategy. The only way for them to save the world is to fall in love—or die trying. Rebel Smith is no fairy-tale princess. She’s the best retrieval specialist in the Pacific Northwest, which is a fancy way of saying “expensive thief-for-hire.” But now a sexy, grouchy, obsessive dragon shifter has dragged her off to his lair, insisting that she’s his Destined Mate—and the only person who can find the second magical Seal that will save the world from fiery destruction. No pressure. Thorne Greystone has spent his whole life trying to forget his human side, and become the cold, dutiful Draken his father always wanted him to be. And he’s spent the last half century hunting the Seals to the Draken Lord Vyrkos’ tomb, to fulfill the mission his father’s death left unfinished. But now he’s stuck in dragon form, trying to capture the heart of a thief who refuses to be caught. He needs Rebel to help him find the second Seal—but even more, he needs her to help him find his humanity…and save his soul… Three Wild Dragons. Three Destined Mates. One impossible mission. And an ancient prophecy that binds them all together...