Elemental’s Heart (The Forsaken Series Book 12)

Elemental’s Heart (The Forsaken Series Book 12) by Ciara Lake

The most powerful magic is love. Terra's connection to plants is magical…literally. It replaces her lack of meaningful connections with people. Terra's mother gave her up as a baby, and the betrayal has troubled Terra her entire life. Despite her difficult childhood, she becomes a college professor and a practicing Wiccan. At a local Wiccan meeting, Terra meets Aetius, a Master Elemental and the Enforcer of the gods. Unknown to her, he's come there specifically to meet her. They also encounter Emaline, an Empusa who is there to eat mortal souls. Aetius and Terra work together as they try to stop Emaline from devastating her college community. To Aetius's surprise, he becomes smitten with Terra. As they spend time together, they begin to discover pieces of her heritage. As Terra learns about her unusual family, she falls in love with the Master Elemental. However, Aetius has a secret that might destroy her trust and love for him. He struggles with how and when to tell her. Will she think him a monster? Despite everything, will she still love him? Aetius learns that one may be powerful, but the strongest magic is love. But will that love be enough to help them overcome their past and the enemies they encounter on their journey—enemies who want nothing more than to destroy both of them? ***Content Warning: contains sexual content and some violence.***