Enchanted Darkly

Enchanted Darkly by Tarrant Smith

Jennifer MacKell had long ago suppressed her inherited magickal gifts in the pursuit of a normal life. But this choice has included a stack of unending bills, a mentally numbing job, and an uninspiring marriage to her best friend, Jim. After moving with her husband to the picturesque town of Madison, Georgia, Jen’s world is turned upside down when she meets the darkly handsome Steven Dunne. Jen is drawn to him for reasons she doesn’t completely understand, and although she fights the growing attraction, fate works against her and she accepts a job as a waitress in his café. If Steven’s untimely arrival into her life weren’t enough of a complication to her plans to remain normal, Jen has been targeted by Huiel, a banished unseelie fey warrior with secrets and an agenda all his own. Both Steven and Hueil will force Jen on a quest of self-discovery as she questions her choices, values, and hidden nature. While learning to discern truth from fantasy, she will have to master a witch’s spellcraft and learn the rules for dealing with the dark fey in order to protect herself and the man she is truly destined to love. A Bonus: Dark Craving, a Darkly Short Story. The sad tale of Millicent Trace and her sacrifice.