Extra Credit by Poppy Dunne

Good teachers are not supposed to have such naughty thoughts about a single dad... The first time I saw Will Munroe, I had him nailed. A classic LA guy, handsome and rich and very impressed with himself over both. Not to mention the kind of stockbroker who Bluetooths his deals on the trail my dog and I like. Who does that? Turns out, the father of my new favorite student. And since drooling is discouraged at parent/teacher conferences, I try not to look him in his steel-gray eyes. Which is how I noticed how hard his chest is under that button-down. And the conspicuous absence of a ring on his finger. Basically, I have a crush on the one single dad who’s totally off-limits. I really should have said no to that date. A delicious pancake breakfast isn’t worth my job if anyone finds out. An even more delicious romp in the hay is a little more worth it. So maybe just one more to double-check. Famous last words. Because the only thing worse than banging a student’s dad is falling in love with him.