Extra Virgin by Sky McCoy

Robbie: “When I spotted him strolling down the stairs at our local high school, tall, lean, muscular, and beautiful, a girl on both arms. It was then we locked eyes, and I knew he was the man I’d wanted all my life. I was seventeen openly gay, he was nineteen a football hero and straight, or so I thought until that fortuitous day when he asked me to come to his home after graduation. I never did recover from that day and that’s why I waited and waited until he would kiss me, set me free, and I would no longer be under his spell. What I didn’t realize was that this high school crush would last almost a lifetime because I longed for his touch and never got it. I longed for his love, and he never gave it, and that’s why I said to him, “Love me or leave me.” Brandon: “The moment our eyes met and his gaze wandered across the room and I discovered who he had his eyes fixed on, I knew that some day when Robbie became tired of waiting for Edward to claim him, he would know then he belonged to me, and I’d be there to take him in my arms and make him forget Edward Houston, however, I just didn’t know how long that would take and whether I was willing to hang around even if he was the love of my life. This is a standalone novel with straight to gay, fake boyfriend, enemies to lovers, and HEA.