Faded: The Trillest Kind Of Love

Faded: The Trillest Kind Of Love by K.C. Mills

Samiq “Shooter” Young learned at an early age that love doesn’t make you responsible. His parents chose their vices over him, and although they were there, they fell short when it came to providing him with the things he needed. That deficit forced him into the streets and into a different type of family where he had to do whatever necessary to survive. Years passed, and he built a one-man operation that was just enough to provide him with a good life but kept him under the radar. However, as a man, he once again learns that love doesn’t make you responsible. When one of his transactions are interrupted by his ex, who chose her vices over raising the daughter that the two of them created—a daughter that Shooter wasn’t aware existed—he’s left once again to pick up where someone else fell short. Refusing to be a mirror image of his parents, he had some tough choices to make, which meant rearranging his priorities enough to be a father to his daughter. He walks away from everything and grinds in any way possible to make sure they both have what they need. That left little to no room in his life for anything other than being on his grind and raising his daughter, until her... Unfortunately, Shooter finds himself stuck between what his heart is being pulled to and what his mind is fighting against. Once you’re faded off of love, you no longer have control, no matter how hard you fight to maintain it.