Feral (The Forsaken Series Book 10)

Feral (The Forsaken Series Book 10) by Ciara Lake

Their love was so pure and strong it even survived death. Now they might get a second chance. Lykoan is an immortal, the son of a god, with significant powers of his own, including the ability to shapeshift among others. He's existed practically since the beginning of time. It was a long, lonely existence until he meant an Elemental Fey named Faelan. The beautiful female brought him happiness unlike any he'd ever known. But Lykoan has enemies, and one of them strikes out at Faelan. Despite Lykoan's great powers, he's unable to save her life. Now, centuries later, they get a second chance. In an effort to right the injustice done to the couple, the gods worked together, and now Faelan has been reborn. She knows nothing of her past life, so Lykoan must win her heart again, but he's up for the task. However, once again, evil lurks to steal their joy. A grand scheme is put into place and the couple is yanked to another realm, a dark, evil realm, in which their minds—their knowledge and memories—are altered. With escape seeming impossible, Lykoan and Faelan's opportunity for their second chance hangs in the balance. Will they be able to escape the clutches of their enemies and find happiness at last? ***Content Warning: contains explicit sexual content and some violence.***