Feral by River Ramsey

Things are heating up at Felidae Academy. Literally, in Ella’s case--as if her arch enemy trying to kill her wasn’t enough. Then again, with the incredibly gorgeous Bishop and her lifelong crush vying for the right to court and claim her, maybe it’s not all that bad. If two toms is company, three is definitely a crowd, but knowing that can’t quench Ella’s thirst for the forbidden knowledge her professor has to impart. Sterling, Axel and Bishop are definitely up for the task of getting Ella through the semester in one piece, but the future Empress needs more than just a trio of worshipful toms. She needs Kings, and only time will tell if her wild toms can be brought to heel. Feral is the second book in the Cats of Felidae Academy series, a feline shifter world revolving around a heroine with a magical destiny. This Cinderella retelling includes an enemies-to-lovers pairing, a university-age student having a relationship with her professor, and in true RH fashion, she’ll have all her guys by the end of the series. This is a slow-burn reverse harem. All characters are 18+.