First a Lady

First a Lady by Jade Cary

Grace Ashton Coolidge will never forget the horror of seeing her husband, President Matthew Douglas Coolidge, gunned down by two rogue Secret Service agents on that convention stage, and she will never forget the agent who carried her to safety, and comforted her on a deserted road outside of New Orleans until they were found. Now, Grace must attend two functions as a former first lady, and the current president is requiring her to accept protection. The assassination has taught Grace that the Secret Service cannot be trusted, and she seeks out former agent John Marin to take the job. She said it was for only two weeks, but former agent John Marin wants no part of protecting the former first lady. He sold everything and removed himself to a tropical island, where good rum, pretty, willing women, and amnesia was all he required. Losing a United States President on his watch could never be redeemed, but he finds it hard to resist the beautiful, elegant, haunted woman who chases him down and begs him to protect her. But there is more going on with Grace Coolidge than she is letting on. Refined, smart and beautiful, she is hiding something from him, and it will take more than leading her by the arm with his hand at her back to get to the truth. Whatever her past, she is a lady first, and he will protect her with his life, no matter the cost. And that cost might include his heart, a heart broken one humid night on a convention stage. It was only two weeks, she said. But John Marin knows better. Two weeks will never be enough time with this woman.