Can a mere letter from the west be a ticket out of poverty and to love for a… half-deaf mail order bride? Elizabeth Quinn has had to bury her mother and is about to lose her home when a letter from a stranger offers her a way out of poverty: move out west to marry a man she has never met. She is unsure, especially of her… 1) fear of horses; 2) trauma of her father’s death at the hands of violent people out west; 3) prejudice towards Indian. And she is half-deaf. Determined to carve a new life for herself, Elizabeth heads west nonetheless and meets Joshua Isaac, a pastor for several years in Evergreen. The attraction between Joshua and Elizabeth is immediate and strong from the moment they meet. But their different ways of life are starting to spark conflict between them before their romance has even begun. Can Elizabeth overcome her many insecurities? How will Joshua react to Elizabeth’s inner demon?