Loving your sisters is easy. Watching them hurt is the hard part. The Skatt sisters are notorious in the tiny town of Forest Hills for their redheads’ temper, sisterly fights and their father leaving them with their mother and her questionable mental stability. When she dies, eldest sister Maggie steps in to take care of her sisters. Maggie and Mike are just as famous. After a teenage pregnancy that ended happily with a strong marriage and five daughters of their own, they’re a force to be reckoned with in the tiny town. But when the unthinkable happens, Maggie is blindsided with the grief. For months, Maggie finds comfort in her talks with Mike's ghost, but the list of things Maggie can’t bring herself to tell him begins to add up; things like grandbabies, and his girls having boyfriends, and Brady Todd, not to mention the fight with the customer at FoodMart and the visit from the police. And Maggie can't tell Mike about the return of Ben Higgins, because how do you talk to the ghost of your dead husband about the fact she thinks she might be ready to move on with another man? Luckily, Maggie's sisters are there for her, if she'll only let them. “…small town romance with wonderful characters. lots of drama and tons of love. It is women's fiction at its finest.” Hanging On is the second of the Sisters in a Small town series, heartwarming stories about love and loss and having sisters to pull you through.