Her Irish Boss by Palmer Jones

Selena Her boss is off-limits. His rules and strict way he manages O’Keeley’s Irish Pub clash with her free spirit personality. The same way his fancy suits and ties mix with her blue jeans and flip-flops. Complete opposites. That won’t keep her from fantasizing about him from a distance and wondering exactly what he hides underneath those dang suits. But one, unplanned moment in his office sparks the first shred of the desire in his blue eyes. Instead of backing away, as Selena expects, Brogan asks her to come into work early before her shift begins. Alone in his office, morning after morning, their attraction grows until it’s impossible for her to ignore. And although on the surface he appears unwavering in his no-dating policy, the small moments, touches, drive Selena to see how far she can push her straightlaced boss. Brogan He knows better than to be attracted to a member of his waitstaff. He sets the example for his employees to follow, and after the last disaster of trying to date an employee, he won’t venture down that road again. Too bad his one lapse in judgement, bringing Selena into work to help in the mornings, might unravel everything he’s built. O’Keeley’s can’t risk another lawsuit and trusting Selena proves harder than he ever imagined. But maybe no one will find out.