Her Shadow by Amber Scrolls

Do you crave sensual indulgence? Her Shadow is an erotic story that is mysterious and full of wild abandon, sexy and well written, naughty and poetic. If you crave indulgence, you will want to ride these sensual urges. Natasha is at the river feeling the sun beating in between her thighs. It was a beautiful day to be in nature, to set her breasts free, to feel the bounce of them, and the warm air kissing them. She whimpers with desire at the thought of a man inside of her, caressing her, and traveling the course of her body with his hands. Natasha is a woman who knows the pleasures of her body. Her sensuality is an ocean she swims in. Sometimes the waves move calmly in her and sometimes the waves move fiercely. She sees a man walking towards her and she’s allured by his features. She becomes soft as he stares at her—surrendering to him is what her desire craves. Her chest lifts and her lower back arches as she gives the man a seductive smile. The electricity between them made her sex ache, and she felt a softening within her as the strength of him commanded her feminine nature. Natasha will discover that he is the man that will take her farther than she’s ever been.