Her Wild Ride

Her Wild Ride by Heather Van Fleet

I’m Hawk. A biker with a taste for death and destruction. I might be a Red Dragon, but I broke club rules. I betrayed my brothers to save a woman’s life and all hell will break loose if they ever find me… Two years in prison, just got out, and the only way for me to get across the country is to hitch a ride with my step-sister’s best friend. No one would expect a reckless ex-con like me would travel in a Range Rover with a little blonde princess. With every mile of our trip we seem to connect. She sees through my muscles, my tattoos, my violence, and she seems to inch closer to me. I could give her the ride of her life. But I can’t give in to my desires. I can’t offer her a life. I could never make her mine. My brothers are already on my tail. If they catch us together, she’s in just as much danger as me...