The moment we signed the divorce papers, the shooting started... I don't know who they are. I don't know what they want. All I do know is that a boat-load of black-clad gunmen just gatecrashed my divorce and kidnapped my 6-year-old daughter. There's only one man I trust to get her back: Tattooed, towering ex-Navy veteran Max Seger. The only problem? He's the man I just divorced - and he's the reason they kidnapped her! But for better or worse, Max won't leave me in my hour of need - so now, we're embarking on a desperate race against time; setting sail in a dilapidated former Navy vessel, on a wild journey that will take us to Key West, Cuba, and beyond. I couldn't have predicted any of this - not the kidnapping, the chaos, or the conspiracy that followed. But least predictable of all? Being thrust into this dangerous adventure has forced me to remember all the reasons I fell in love with Max in the first place... High Point is a thrilling, fast-paced military romance - featuring scenes of smoldering sensuality, nail-biting tension, and gut-punching emotion.