His Sub by Ellis O. Day

Terry is rich, attractive and all Dom. His women are hot, successful and experienced in BDSM. Until, he meets Maggie. She’s a curvy, hot-mess of a woman who obviously doesn’t belong at La Petite Mort Club. She’s a little rabbit in a club full of predators and needs someone to protect her. When he realizes that she’s a natural submissive and innocent of the kinkier side of sex, he’ll stop at nothing to have. He can’t wait to show her how good it’ll feel when she surrenders to his desires. Maggie had no idea that the club she was going to was a sex club. Once she finds her friend she’s out of there. When she bumps into a handsome but extremely rude stranger who suggests that they “do it” in the hallway, she tells him exactly what she thinks of him. But when she finds herself in a dangerous situation will the rude stranger save her, or will he turn out to be even more dangerous than the others?