She has zero friends . . . and is wary of men, living life as a recluse. His only friend is 90 and when she dies, he’s adrift. Can a dyslexic actor and a shy loner find happiness together? Famous from the time she was fourteen, London Russell lands the cover of Sports Illustrated to cap off her modeling career. Leaving the fashion world behind, she follows her dream of becoming a singer-songwriter. Thanks to an ex-boyfriend’s vicious attack on her, London becomes a recluse who turns out hits but never tours—and can’t trust a man. Her life changes course when she encounters a Hollywood screenwriter and director and agrees to write the theme song for their next movie. Knox Monroe grew up as America’s darling, a child actor featured on several popular television series. After his mother’s betrayal, Knox drops out of sight, returning years later to make the successful transition to adult roles. A known womanizer and loner, Knox meets London by chance. Through her connections, he winds up with the lead role in a new movie. Will London be able to open her heart and move past Knox’s player reputation? And will Knox knock down the emotional fortress that he’s built around his heart? In Hollywood, anything’s possible. . . Hollywood Player is the third book in the Hollywood Name Game series. Each book in the series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series order: Book 1 – Hollywood Heartbreaker Book 2 – Hollywood Flirt Book 3 – Hollywood Player Book 4 – Hollywood Double Book 5 – Hollywood Enigma