A man, his castle, and the only woman he's ever wanted. When your soul finds the one it needs, true love is...inevitable. As a young girl, Lady Machelle Winston thought Lord Adrian Ravenspur was the man of her dreams, a knight in shining armor there to rescue her from life's unfortunate scrapes and mishaps. Coddled by her family, Machelle lives an idealistic childhood dreaming about her dark knight and fairytale endings. But her idealistic dreams didn't prepare her for the man he really was. Fighting a growing attraction to his best friend's youngest sister, Lord Ravenspur knows he has to walk away from Machelle before he can no longer control the passion she ignites in him. One decisive event later and Adrian's fateful decision keeps him away from her for three long years. Upon seeing her again at a family event, all of Adrian's desires resurface. She’s not a child anymore, and he has no intention of walking away from her again. Controlling his passion while protecting her from an unknown danger from her family's past tests all of Adrian's resolve. Does he let go of his reservations and love the woman he has always wanted but didn't have the courage to face? Will their love bring them together as he finally becomes the knight she needs? After all, when your soul finds the one you need, true love is Inevitable.