If instalove is your jam, then welcome to the party. Five steamy-novellas that will melt your panties and your heart. Each book contains an alpha hero, a heart-warming heroine and a happily ever after that will leave you deeply satisfied. Included in this boxed set is: HIS GIFT She was brought to me as a gift. One Valentine’s Day.
 Completely naked, besides a shiny red bow that was wrapped around her slender middle. 
The moment I laid eyes on her... I wanted her. Every single inch of her body and every dark corner of her mind. 
I wanted it all. RUNAWAY BRIDE Escaping the church is easy, but figuring out where to go from there is impossible. And then she runs into him, a ruggedly handsome man with eyes that pierce her soul. Instantly, she’s drawn to him. THE BILLIONAIR'S NANNY When Cassie shows up at the home of the Barnes twin’s she’s not sure what to expect. Why do these brother’s need a live in nanny, and how the hell is she supposed to live with them when she can barely handle looking at them? ON THE RUN I still don’t quite understand how I ended up running from the cops that night. Well… at least I have a hot as hell convict in tow. TAKING WHAT'S HIS Her daddy owes me a half million dollars, but I’m taking her in instead.
She’s an innocent in this evil war, but I can’t let her go.