Just a Fling, A Driven by Fire Novella #0.5

Just a Fling, A Driven by Fire Novella #0.5 by Eden Rayna

Danielle doesn’t do love. She doesn’t do romance. She definitely doesn’t do meet-the-family. She will, however, do dancing and drinking and will absolutely do the tall drink of water fresh from the creek who has caught her eye at the club. After all, that’s exactly why she left her remote oil town for the weekend: to have enough core-clenching fun to get her through until her next days off. Kirk’s farm boy charm goes a long way in a town that boasts twice as many guys as girls, but there’s only one woman in the club tonight he wants to impress. She says she’s game but it turns out she has a laundry list of rules to follow when hooking up. Good thing he grew up in a house full of brothers and a penchant for breaking rules. Just a Fling is a standalone novella in the Driven by Fire series.