Just a Taste
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Just a Taste by Tawna Fenske


A collection of five heat-up-the-kitchen romances, including:

CHEF SUGARLIPS by Tawna Fenske

Chef Sean has loved Amber since he wore Batman Underoos, but she doesn’t know he’s alive until she clocks him with a dead turkey. Things heat up for them now that Sean’s back in town with his siblings transforming their father’s ranch into a resort. Amber’s ranch sits right next door, and her hunger for Sean spreads faster than a kitchen fire. But a family secret threatens to wreck it all quicker than a bull in a bakeshop.

MAKING WHOOPIE by Erin Nicholas

Getting hitched for the health insurance is not this small-town baker’s idea of romance, but after seeing the hospital bill, her heart definitely goes pitter-patter when her gorgeous one-night stand says, “I’m rich. We should just get married.”

Of course, they quickly realize, there’s no recipe to follow when it comes to falling in love.


Disgraced chef Athena returns home to TN, coming face to face with the one-night stand from her sister’s wedding. An unexpected confidant, Logan has Athena questioning everything she’s spent years working for. They just might hold the keys to each other’s salvation—but when her old life comes calling, can love win over the temptation for redemption?


Former military pilot Flynn has his hands full flying Alaskan sightseeing tours, fighting fires on the side, and raising his teenage sister — but then he meets Southern city girl Daphne… Opposites attract in this small-town romance that’s first in a series!

THE BABY MAKER by Lili Valente

The last thing I need is baby makes three. My business is expanding and the only thing I'm interested in getting knocked up is my bottom line.

But then one night Emma Haverford makes me an offer I can't refuse--she backs away from the land I have my eye on in exchange for a favor...

A big, fat, baby making favor...