Khon’Tor’s Wrath by Leigh Roberts

They already survived extinction once... Ages ago, their population decimated by contagion, the Ancient Sasquatch interbred with the humans - without their consent. The population of giant hybrids rebuilt, living in peace and harmony in secluded underground communities - until the compassion act of a young Healer put it all at risk. Things were never easy between them - the beautiful young Healer and their powerful virile Leader. He demanded unwavering obedience and ruled with a clenched fist. Perhaps if she had known, the secret he harbored about her, she might have better understood the difficulty of their relationship. But everything would change after that morning she set out to deliver a gift of Goldenseal to a neighboring tribe. The river waters were up, her usual route blocked. She had to take an unfamiliar path. That was not her choice, but what happened next - was. An abandoned child. Helpless. Doomed to die without her help... And it was a decision that ended up changing everything. A decision she made, knowing she was breaking sacred law. A decision that might trigger the Wrak-Ayya: The Age of Shadows - putting their entire population at risk. If she had known the consequences, would she have made the same choice? She was prepared for him to be angry. She was prepared for him to punish her. But she was not prepared for Khon'Tor's Wrath. Please be advised, books in this series contain PG-13 violence and some sexual content.