Kiss of Redemption by Maggie Cole

Redemption occurs by clearing your debt. Absolution for a sin that isn't yours can turn you into the exact opposite of what you once were. At least, that's my personal journey through hell. ~ Beckett Brooks Mia Crimson ~ Beckett Brooks wasn't just cute--he was beautiful. And my brother's best friend. He's never denied killing him. But he pushed me down to save me. After I was shot they sent me away and hid me from the world. Everyone on the island thought I died. Now Beckett's been paroled. He wants me. Time has made him sexy as sin. I shouldn't want him. But I do. And there's a reason Beckett never told the truth. At the roots of his innocence lies a vicious gang leader who will stop at nothing to terrorize the Brooks family. Can Beckett and I save each other? Or will the Twisted Hearts destroy us? Kiss of Redemption is the first installment of the Together We Stand series. It's an epic journey of one family's struggle of forgiveness, hope, and new beginnings amidst dangerous situations. Each story intertwines and focuses on a new sibling trying to find their Happily Ever After.