That life-changing night with the big, sexy mountain man? Turns out it's more than just a hot hook-up. The ex-soldier is arrogant. Wild. And my biggest competitor. I was fuming from a review that screamed sabotage. An altercation was on my mind but I got so much more than I bargained...He grabbed me by my waist... Moved me against his hot, sculpted chest... And completely dominated my body and soul. Our time together left me with a special gift. A gift I need to protect from the demons of my past. Cyrus My hands may be as calloused as my heart... But when I cross paths with the gorgeous single mom on the run... Nothing can stop me from making her mine. Josie's the first woman to anger and arouse me all at once. Little did I know she'd become my obsession. But she's got trouble hunting her down. This is my mountain... And I'll bury anyone who tries to harm her... Or our baby resting soundly in her belly.