Logan & Reign: Loving A Street King

Logan & Reign: Loving A Street King by Sym E

Logan Lee is a book worm who is known to keep to herself, her only companion being her best friend Reign Ross. Friends since they were in diapers she is referred to as his shadow and that just happens to be the position she is most comfortable in. When tragedy strikes and the friendship dissolves Logan is forced to stand on her own two feet and finds comfort in the arms of a the local street king. Despite their age difference in Logan’s eyes he is everything she needs and can do no wrong but she will soon find out that is farthest from the truth. Reign went from being the IT man on campus and the person everyone wanted to be friends with to running a multi-state drug ring. He cut ties with everyone from his past until he decides that he wants to take over the streets of his home town. While scouting out the location he crosses paths with his childhood best friend and is conflicted about how he is going to accomplish the goal he has to take control when she’s sleeping with his target. Emotions run high, Relationships crumble, and bonds are broken as people not only fight for love but also who will Reign as King of the Streets.